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  Bera Holding, aiming to establish compa- nies and brands that will add value to our country and to reveal the magnificent poten- tial of Anatolia, gathered tens of thousands of partners under one roof with this vision. Bera Holding, which leads the transformation of small capitals into big company models, has ensured the realization of huge investments one after another by joining forces around the determined targets. The activities that first started in the print- ing field continued with the establishment of packaging facilities and a paper factory. Devel- opment moves continued with the construc- tion and food sectors. The work that started with a small facility turned into a holding with 18 companies and 32 facilities in 8 different business lines. As of today, Bera Holding has become a giant corporation serving in a wide range of areas such as printing, machinery, defense industry, petroleum products, food, construction, building materials, mining, tex- tile, and tourism. Bera Holding, begin production at a party called the first facilities to be dependent on outside our opening businesses in Turkey, it We produce; To be the gateway of Anatolian capital to the world. made strategic investments in Romania and Hungary and abroad. The products produced by Bera Holding’s nearly 5000 employees have become preferred in more than 100 countries in 5 continents. By making a pro- found contribution to the national economy, turnover figures exceeding 2 billion Turkish Liras and export figures of 100 million dol- lars were reached. Bera Holding, thanks to all these developments took place with five com- panies in 1000 among Turkey’s largest indus- trial enterprise in 2016. Bera Holding enlarges its vision day by day at the point it has reached. While playing to the global leader in its main fields of activity, it always pursues moves that will make a dif- ference to the future by targeting new sectors and foreign investment projects. It is walking to the future with the belief of being the brand of this country in the world, with the power added by the supreme values and the high ideals of the Anatolian people since its establishment.    Medeniyetin Beşiğinden MEDENiYETiN HAMURUNA... 

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